Funeral & Memorial Services

A funeral is not a day in a lifetime, it is a lifetime in a day.
A funeral or celebration of life service is both meaningful and memorable and should be as unique as the individual being remembered. It should be a ceremony that reflects personal values, interest and experiences – all the the things that form the loved ones story.
Forever In My Heart provides products to hand out as small keepsakes to family and friends, something that will later bring your loved one to mind, a reflection of a life worth celebrating. Create a table with a candle and memory tokens at the service entrance or after funeral event to truly celebrate your loved ones memory.

What Customers Are Saying

I wanted something different to flowers, that are beautiful, but only for a short time. These gifts are forever and I love the thought of that.

Leanne (27-May-2021)

Wow, these items are beautiful. My family loved them all. I would recommend these products as a comfort box. Well done. Awesome customer service and Kathy was brilliant with keeping me updated on my order and ensured the product was sent to a different shipping address. As I was flying out to NZ I was rapped when my items arrived unexpectedly earlier for me to take and this was a weight off my shoulders. Thank you for making this easier in a time of sadness.

Maree (28-Apr-2021)

Perfect option instead of flowers. This is one of the best customer service experiences I have had. I have used this website twice now and both times the level of service exceeded my expectations. I had missed something off my first order and it was fixed immediately. The delivery timeframe was extremely fast. I highly recommend.

Patricia (7-May-2021)

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